The Most Unusual Homes In The World

The Most Unusual Homes


Building Innovation in Japan

There are many reasons why you need to visit Japan and make it your holiday destination. Japan has a lot of unique cultural, food, and even technology. Japan has never run out of ideas to create a new and exciting innovation. An example is the Asimo robot from Japan, Asimo is a robot that is quite famous at the time.

But different from culture, food, and technology, surely you will be surprised by some of the building innovations made by Japanese people. This time we will discuss one of the existing buildings in Japan that are Slide House, Japan. Slide House is a creative house that has a normal stair on one side of the house and a slide on the opposite. If you want to climb up, then use a normal ladder but if you want to go down you just slide to get to the ground floor. This house is of course very liked by your child.


Uniqueness of Transparent House in Japan

If you do not have something worth hiding, try living in a transparent house in Tokyo, Japan. Built by Bureau of Architect Sou Fujimoto, this Transparent House, Japan takes inspiration from ancestors who live in the trees. At that time, they lived without a wall cover.

There is no privacy in this transparent house. All awakened from translucent glass so that what is done inside the house is seen by those outside. In this house, the dialogue takes place openly because of the minimal barrier. The room for a house looks complete.

But do not worry, because in this house the entire glass is equipped with curtains. Its function is to keep the homeowner's privacy when the night comes. So if you want to use the bathroom, you can close this transparent glass with the curtains. Therefore, many things are taken into consideration when choosing the curtains for this house, because only the curtain alone that limits the privacy of homeowners with outsiders.


The Keret House, The World's Slimming Housed

Keret House in the Warsaw area, Poland is claimed to be the World’s Slimmest House, Poland. The house was built in 2012 by an architect named Jakub Szczesn who is created as an art space for the Polish Modern Art Foundation.

This two-floor, iron-fortified house has one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room that has a 36-inch and 48-inch spacing, and a glass pane of sunlight shaped in the interior of the house. The entire interior of the house was painted in white. For electrical affairs, this house takes electricity from the building next to it, as well as access to enter into this house there is a ladder that connects the outside and the inside.

The house is not easily visible from the outside because it is tucked in a small space between two large buildings. Before the house was built, the place was used by local residents to dispose of garbage or dispose of furniture that is no longer in use.


The Smallest House In Germany

The existence of a house with a small size can be used as a solution to overcome the problem of land limitations. The phenomenon of the needs of this house turned out to be a global problem. The Italian architect Renzo Piano designed a small house called Diogenes. This house only has an area of 7.3 square meters (m2), with interior there is a minimalist family room, family room, shower, and bed. Interestingly, this house is equipped with the sophistication of solar technology that can supply energy from sunlight, to meet the needs of this minimalist home.

In addition, there is also a super mini house from Germany. A German architect, Van Bo Le-Mentzal, built a very small house with a size of only 1.02 square meters (m1). In this house, there is only a chair. However, this house can be used to sleep at night. Simply by changing the position of the house, the structure can be changed into a built-in mattress. The house was nicknamed World's Smallest 1sq Meter House, Germany.

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